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A Touch of Home, Wherever You Roam

Who We Are

Integrated Logistics is an experienced provider of onsite support services. We deliver the comforts of home to employees staffing at remote or temporary worksites—great meals, regular linen and laundry services, attentive housekeeping and a warm, welcoming smile at the end of a long day. Integrated Logistics strives to be the very best solution for employers who care about the comfort and well-being of their family of employees.

Proven Success

In 2010 immediately following the Gulf oil spill, Integrated Logistics provided longterm emergency catering and housekeeping services.  

"Their team successfully fed emergency response workers at three different locations, both land-based and offshore. They managed logistical operations for both day and night shift workers. It was a very demanding environment and the Integrated team handled the job with grace."   --Gary Hess, General Manager IPS